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3 years ago

Sour Skittles

sour skittles! who likes sour skittles! i like them! when they first came out, i was so curious of how sour it tasted i just had to buy a pack. i hurriedly opened up the pack and popped some sour skittles in my mouth! it took a millisecond when my sour taste buds kicked in! omg! i was like. "OMG! IT`S SO SOUR! IT`S SO SOUR!" it was so sour i got goosebumps. some of you guys are probably reading this and saying, "it`s not that sour. i`ve eaten soome before." well, it was awhile since i`ve been eating sour stuff so when i first ate the sour skittles, it kinda numbed my tongue for a minute or so. i still eat sour skittles, but i kinda nibble them. lol!

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