Sour Patch Kids Raspberry Ice Pop

4 years ago

This summer, I noticed a new ice cream treat in the freezer at convenience stores near me...Sour Patch Kids Ice Pops! I love the original Sour Patch Kids candies, so I had to try the ice pop version. :)

The only flavour I`ve seen so far is Raspberry (which is fine by me!). These ice pops are not ice creamy, but more of a sherbet (sherbert?). The outer white layer is sour, and the inner red layer is more sweet - just like the actual candy! It has a really light and refreshing taste, and is surprisingly only 80 calories. Although this ice pop is by no means nutritious, it is coloured with actual raspberry, so I guess that`s something, lol.

I`d definitely recommend this ice pop to anyone who likes the Sour Patch Kids candies! I hope there will be other flavours available sometime, too. I want to try them all! XD

<strong>Have you ever tried this ice pop? What is your favourite frozen treat?</strong>

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