SOTD: Kiwi amp Dark Chocolate

4 years ago

These days that Im at home, trying to study and going about twice a week to college to do my final exams, I really have to entertain myself eating something.

Do you know that you are more productive when, for example, you are studying, if you are feeded up? I mean, if you eat every two hours you can concentrate yourself better. Im not a specialist in this topic but I read about it somewhere else xD Plus, your brain works based on "sugar" so chocolates and other sweets can be your friend. Please, dont use this argument as excuse to eat the whole chocolate bar! (kidding!)

But lets continue about my SOTD!

Sometimes is pretty hard for me to eat fruit, and I know that fruit is great for health, but I guess the majority of times Im too lazy to eat it and I always prefer other kind of food (yes Im pretty greedy so cookies are just fine! :p). But this time I decided to join the best of both worlds! I put some dark chocolate (that chocolate for culinary) with just a split of milk in the microwave for some seconds, then I mixed it and added some kiwi.

And guess what? It was sooooooo delicious! Is there better way to eat fruit than with chocolate? It was like a homemade chocolate fondue, and let me tell you that after this I studied some more hours further.

*Pictures are mine.*

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