SOTD: Creamy Tiramisu Cake

4 years ago

Yesterday with my mom, I went to Tom Thumb for some food (obviously) and we came back with a bunch of boring foods... and a tiramisu cake! Haha, just kidding, all of the food we got was good but the tiramisu cake was just super exciting. The original price of the cake was $12.99 but then with out card and the discount, we ended up getting them for $5.99! Yay, savings always make me happy, LOL.

Today for my random snack of the day, I had, of course, the yummy tiramisu cake the we purchased yesterday :) So looking at the cake, you can tell that I cut off a little bit at the side which is the part in my bowl. I ate it and it was delicious for probably the first 2 bites but then I realized that I had cut the slices way too big (as you can see in my little bowl) and it ended up falling over. I finished the cake at the end but it took alot of willpower >.< I ended up feeling sick for like 2 hours after that! This is what happens when I eat too much :/

Moral of the Story: Don`t eat too much and cut smaller portions!

Haha, what did you have for a snack today?

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