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4 years ago

I`m very fund of eatin snack during the day, certainly when i`m all day at home working on my computer or just working around the house or taking care of my baby girl. I`ve recently lost all of my pregnancy weight and i`m very happy with that because it means i can stop my diet. Which i`m so happy about, i absolutely hate dieting!
I`ve always been a girl that stays on her weight, sometimes a little above, or under.. but i almost never gained more then 2 pounds. Which i`m very happy about because i know not allot of people have this kind of metabolism, i`m well aware of that.

Now i`ve cutted coockies, pasta and things with allot of carbs out of my diet and i`m 5 pounds under my normal weight. A little extra because i`m slowly letting the good things back in my life. Everybody needs their guilty pleasures now and then, which is 5 out of 7 in my life, lol!

Today i wanted to get some healthy things in my body so i decided to get myself some delicious cherrys! Unfortunately our local cherrys aren`t ready yet so i`m forced to buy imported ones.. but hey they taste as delicious so i`m willing to pay a little extra!

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