SOTD: Bun amp Cheese

5 years ago

This is a snack that I enjoy because it reminds me of my childhood. Spiced bun and cheese! Spiced bun is a Jamaican version of what you could call cinnamon raison bread. Although Jamaican spiced bun is VERY heavy and spiced with raisons thrown into the mix. Its not spicy hot, but its spicy because there is ginger in it. Its not overpowering and you cant really taste the ginger, but its NOT a sweet bread, it has a little kick to it. Ive grown up eating it with cheese on it and the choice of cheese has always been Jamaican cheese which is really an aged cheddar manufactured in Jamaica. Now I typically dont like cheddar, but I like this cheddar because its not sharp its rather mild BUT its creamier in consistency than normal run of the mill cheddar cheeses.

I had my niece over for a few hours earlier this morning spending time with her favorite as she calls me ;) and since I was having this for myself, I asked her if she wanted some and she said yes so I gave her half a piece of bun. She really liked it, so when she asked for more I gave her the other half. You could toast this, but I normally stick the bun in the refrigerator and cut a piece off and eat it that way. My dad would normally eat a slice with his coffee.

You can buy these at any Caribbean store that sells Jamaican items; the box pictured (by HTB) is my favorite brand of this since its brought in right from Jamaica. I find some of the other brands are too hard and arent as fresh as this brand is.

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