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4 years ago

I haven`t had these in a very long time, since I was about 10 years old. I remember them being very delicious so when I saw them on sale at Walmart for $1.89 a box, I decided to buy them.

Viva puffs are a special type of snack that heavily mimics the s`more.

You have a graham cracker base with marshmallow filling on top. In the middle of the marshmallow filling, you have a drop of strawberry jam. Then the entire thing is covered in a shell of milk chocolate. It sounds absolutely delicious and mess-free since you`re not trying to roast it over an open fire =P

When I ate one, I was first hit with nostalgia because I haven`t eaten them in so long. However, when I was about to eat the second one, I realized they were extremely sweet, overpoweringly sweet even. One was more than enough for me. I found that it gave me something close to a sugar rush due to the strawberry jam, marshmallow and milk chocolate. It was like eating a stick of sugar. I could tell the graham cracker apart from the texture but all the other things tasted the same.

I think they changed the sugar ratio and size from when I was a kid, because I honestly don`t remember them being that sweet and I could eat a lot of those in a sitting rather than just one.

At 80 calories a cookie, I don`t think I`ll be eating many of them. I have a box hidden somewhere in my pantry.

Have you guys tried these?

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