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4 years ago

Today I was out shopping for a few stuff I need at the mall and me and my friend were a bit hungry so we decided to stop by Starbucks to get a snack.
I got a white chocolate chunk cookie and a coffee frappuccino and my friend ordered a chocolate chip vanilla muffin with hot chocolate.
My absolutely favorite snack by Starbucks is their white chocolate chip cookie, I love it, it tastes so good!
Its winter in my country and its cold outside and, even though today was a sunny day, it was also cold so I wanted to order my Starbucks favorite holiday drink the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha. Unfortunately they dont have that anymore so I ordered a frappuccino. Its good, its like iced coffee with cream but its more like a drink for summer. Thankfully the mall had their air conditioning on so I didnt get that cold lol
My friend was smarter and ordered a hot chocolate hazelnut drink, its good but I think I would get way too full if I had it.
I also like Starbucks muffins but I prefer the chocolate supreme one that is made from chocolate and has chocolate chips. This one was made from vanilla and had chocolate chips. Its good but I think the chocolate supreme one is better, since I love chocolate!
I really hope Starbucks makes the Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha drink permanent, since its so good! Do you know if their limited edition drinks are the same every year or if they change them?
- What did you had for a snack today?
- Do you like Starbucks?
- What do you usually order there?

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