SOTD - Bacon Hickory Sticks

4 years ago

Found this giant bag of Bacon Hickory sticks at Costco for $5.99 a bag so my boyfriend decided to buy it.

These ones aren`t the ones that are made by the brand Hostess though. I think this brand just took the name from them =P

My boyfriend didn`t like this bag very much because he loved the Hostess Hickory sticks too much and these are completely different. They just share the same texture and shape.

This one was way more smokey and salty than the Hostess ones. They also did not have the subtle sweet taste as the Hostess ones do. It was more like salty on smokey. So he didn`t enjoy it a lot.

Personally, I don`t have a preference, as long as they taste like chips I`m fine =D So I`ve been working at finishing this bag up but it`s easy. Even though these look tiny, they`re very filling. After about 1/3 of a cup, I`m full. The good thing is, one cup is only 240 calories, unlike chips, You eat 20 chips, there`s 280 calories and you`re still hungry. You eat 100 calories of this and you`re stuffed!

It`s been 2 weeks now, and there`s still 1/2 a bag left! I think it`ll take me another month to finish it. By then, I should get tired of it.

*photo is mine*


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