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Hello Luuuxers,

How are you?! I hope you are well! Today I talk about something really sad, a disease of a very beautiful and talented girl, Rosalina! Rosalina, lives in Portugal more properly in Viana do Castelo and are 23 years old. It`s a girl who loves to sing and has a beautiful voice, but at some time ago life preached his worst game ever and now the princess of Portugal have a very serious disease called Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV. But there is still a way for our princess regain her wonderful smile these last months, the treatment is called immunotherapy antibody but each session costs 6000 and is held from 15 to 15 days and Lina family can not afford to pay this money all alone!
The princess Rapunzel, as she is called by friends who are struggling to be able to smile again Lina needs our help!
On page SOS Lina`s friends refer to as: "Six months ago was a young singer, promising to grin and princess garb. Now does not speak, has more bad days than good and hardly move."
Life is very unfair to the human being, a few months ago was a Lina is smiling and Lina are today fighting a rare cancer in the brain! Your story makes me think about life, because we`re criticize everything the genus, because we can not buy that blouse we see her shop the other day because someone spoke badly and now we think it`s the end of the world, or even when there are more stupid people kill themselves because they had a small problem with the family, friend or boyfriend and talking could solve the problem! Anyway humans are cruel even! And all you need is Lina could talk and smile again, so let`s help our DIVA! I know there will be many people who will read this post and will stay up marimbar because there is nothing to them, but remember my dear .. Today is Lina, but tomorrow it could be you! And I am sure that if you were in the same situation of Lina, you liked that people help you at this painful time!
I will leave here the Bank Identification Number (BIN) (Only for Portugal)
and international bank account number (IBAN) (For the rest of the world) :

NIB: 0035 0852 0014 5235 9005 7 - Rosalina Assunção Couto Paredinha
IBAN (nternational Bank Account Number): PT50 0035 0852 0014 5235 9005 7
Page S.O.S Lina on facebook: http://facebook.com/soslina
Please contribute to Lina smile again!

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