SOPA amp PIPA more then it seems

5 years ago

I know alot of people have been debating and on protest about SOPA and PIPA bills. Even though I think I`m a little late on this, but this video shows and helps you understand more of how SOPA and PIPA works and how it can cause us to lose our freedom on the internet that over billions of people use today. Many websites don`t agree with this bill like, Google,Yahoo,Wikipedia,Facebook,Twitter,etc. But for some companies, they do somehow agree to this. On January 18,2012 Wikipedia did a blackout and so did some other websites as a protest. Many are signing the petition that Google is having,; sign this if you still want the internet and freedom. For many people, they don`t like tot get into politics or government because it`s confusing to understand at times, but I think some people should pay attention to this and learn more about it before losing a chance that everyone can stop together. So please watch this video it explains EVERYTHING and pretty easy to understand too. :)
**Credit to uploader of video and Khan Academy**

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