Sony KDL-52V5500 with glass stand: The good and the bad.

4 years ago

I will be doing this review in two sections: first the TV and than the glass stand.

THE Sony KDL-52V5500 TV:

Sony has always been a favorite brand of mine; all my previous TVs had been from Sony and some of my other eletronics as well. When I heard about this new Sony KDL-52V5500 HD tv, I just had to go buy it after researching for a bit.


I remember the first time I watched a movie on it. I was very impressed by the awesome picture, it was better than that of any other tv I had ever had. The sound was good, great really but nothing more than any other Sony TV I was familiar with.

The overall quality/duarbility of the TV was great, which while I had expected it, was pleasing none the less. I found no problems with the outside of the TV.

So far so good.


I didn`t find many things that I didn`t like about this TV. Really, only two main things. First off, the backlight isn`t that great. It isn`t bad but since the HD quality was so amazing, I expected much better. It got on my nerves because when watching some things, it really did affect it.

The other thing is the ``background noise.`` What I mean by this is that sometimes, you can hear a faint sound almost like a click in the background. Sometimes it sounds different, depending on when or maybe what movie/show your watching. Anyway, it really isn`t a big deal and I`m not sure if it`s just my TV or the model.


The glass stand for this TV is pretty nice; not as nice as some but still good. It`s strudy, which is mainly the purpose. I wasn`t expecting anything more and I got what I wanted/expected. If you want something that will ``be fine``, than get this glass table.


Overall, this TV has exceeded my expectations. Sony has really done something with this and besides the few things I mentioned above, it`s almost perfect. My whole family enjoys it, it`s a great size for me (not too big and not too small), and it`s a good prize for what it is. I would recommend it to almost anyone!

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