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5 years ago

I have been on a blush kick recently. I guess I just wasn`t overly pleased with my selection of blushes I had had previously. I had, pretty much, just a small selection to choose from and in the basic of shades: a peach, a pink, a rose, a light lavender, and a wine. I`m exaggerating a bit. I probably had a few pinks and peaches.. but I felt that I didn`t have the variety I`d like. I wanted to expand to having some stains and creams, etc. Well, now my minimal blush drawer has blown up. One of the products that are fairly new to the group is this Sonia Kashuk liquid tint.

This is in the color Peony. I bought it for just around ten dollars at Target. They don`t have very many colors to choose from, but this one caught my eye and I`m very happy with it. You get 0.57 fl oz/17 mL of product in the tube.

The packaging isn`t the best but it isn`t the worst, either. It is a rounded tube that has a pump top and a lid to seal that off. I have heard some say they dislike the pump because it squirts out too much product no matter how lightly you press. I can see where this amount may be too much for some, but I`ve actually found that the amount is absolutely perfect for my application.

The color is a brighter pink with micro fine (and I mean SUPER micro fine) golden shimmers. I have to look very closely just to see them in the bottle. Once applied to the skin I don`t see them at all. This could be seen as a pro or con. I like that I don`t end up with a golden glimmer face. It has a hint of glowiness, but isn`t so much so that it appears unnatural. I find this color to be very face brightening and gives a healthy flush to my cheeks. I absolutely love the look I achieve when wearing this.

Don`t let the "super sheer" part of the name worry you and scare you off from buying this. You won`t be wasting your money, I promise. It has more pigmentation than I expected. I`ve also seen some complain about that fact. For me, it is no issue because I`d rather be forced to use a tiny bit less product than to waste a bunch and have to keep building, and building, and building to get anything to show.

The clear wrapper it comes in says "cheek" on it and nothing more.. but I`ve been also using this as a stain on my lips. I like the looks of matching lips and cheeks. It is beautiful on the lips. I apply whatever is left after doing my cheeks and then apply a balm over the top. If you wear it on your lips, though, don`t apply the balm until a few minutes have passed. If you swipe the balm on too soon, the color won`t have had a chance to set to the lips and it will wipe away.

I think this will be a fantastic product to have in the spring and summer months. It makes the face look healthy, doesn`t take a lot of work, and lasts on my oily skin for the entire day. I haven`t tested it for being waterproof, but I will say that I`ve not needed to touch it up through the day and it stays put until I take it off with makeup remover and cleanser at the end of the night.

Now for the area that a lot of people are bothered by: scent. I understand when people are put off by a product because of its scent. We all react differently to them and we all enjoy/dislike specific scents that may be the complete opposite of others. Well, this DOES have a scent to it. I don`t dislike it. In fact I quite like the smell of it. I find it different from all other product fragrances. I was able to determine EXACTLY what it smelled like to me in a matter of seconds. Remember being little and perhaps getting sick? (off to a good start, right? LOL!) You may have been given a pink liquid medicine that had to be kept in the refrigerator. It smelled and tasted like bubblegum. It was probably Amoxicillin in liquid form. THAT is what this smells like. I know it sounds crazy and probably not the smell that most people would like because, really, it is connected with illness. But, I can remember liking that medicine. I hated the other meds I was given as a kid when sick except that one. It didn`t make me cringe to take it. There is nothing wrong with bubblegum! Well, that is what I smelled from this tint.

For application I mainly use my fingers. I dot it on and then blend it in and smooth away any edges. However, I have also dotted it on with my fingers and then went back in with my Sonia Kashuk face sponge and blended it that way. Both work very well.

Would I repurchase? YES! Absolutely yes! I actually want to check out some of the other shades this comes in.

(I did not include a final photo of the product completely blended in as I was having a very hard time capturing it properly and getting it to show the way it does in person.)


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