Sonia Kashuk: Fairy Princess

5 years ago

I don`t own many Sonia Kashuk polishes. This is only my third. I guess with their price tag, I figure I could find something similar in a drugstore brand (Revlon and the such) or in one of the salon brands, which I can get at wholesale price. I always stop and admire the colors they put out, though. I noticed a few new colors in a recent Target trip and couldn`t pass up this one. This is Fairy Princess (don`t you just LOVE the name!?). It is a soft minty green with a stunning blush flash! If this had just been a flat creme, I`d have skipped it because I have so many, but with the blue flash it is unique enough to justify owning. As much as I adore the color of Fairy Princess, I dislike the formulation just as strongly. I had such high hopes for this polish because looking at the mixing beads in the bottle, they are well covered, indicating a pigmented polish. Also, when you pull the brush out of the bottle, the polish coats the bristles nicely, which would also indicate a polish with good pigmentation. Sounds good, right? Well, when you start brushing it on, it goes on unevenly and doesn`t smooth itself over. This is definitely NOT a self leveling polish. One coat isn`t enough because of the patchiness. However, when you attempt to apply the second coat, it pulls away portions of the first coat, leaving you with bald patches here and there. I fought with this one a bit. I had to be very careful and strategically repair bald patches. Since my other Sonia Kashuk polishes are cremes, I wanted to see how this one would react with Seche Vite. Some polishes can be finicky with Seche Vite. At times, you`ll get shrinkage. That just means that as the fast dry top coat cures, it shrinks down on itself and the colored polish under it, creating premature tip wear. Even though your manicure will be only hours old, it will look like it is a couple of days old. I tested this one by leaving the tips unwrapped on my index and middle fingers. My ring finger and pinky did get wrapped. You can see on the unwrapped fingers, the tips DID shrink back. It is most noticeable on the index finger. So, this is a polish you will need to make sure to wrap your tips with to prevent the shrinkage. I`m on the fence with this one. If you are willing to fight with the application a bit but like the color then I say get it. It is rather unique. However, if you want an easy-peasy polish, this is definitely not for you.
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