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4 years ago

When I did my recent haul, it included another Sonia Kashuk blush. In my comments it was asked if I could provide some swatches of it. I figured I can do that, but I may as well swatch all of the Sonia Kashuk Blushes in a single post together.

I have the four powder and two cream blushes swatched onto the under side of my arm. It is always awkward when I have to swatch and photograph because the portion of my arm below the elbow and above the hand is half covered by my wrist tattoos so it leaves only the top 1/2 empty for swatches. I did my best to get these photographed, though.

From left to right, top to bottom row: Sunset, Melon, Spice, Flamingo, Rosey, Petal

They`re all smooth and quite pigmented. They all go onto my cheeks easily. I don`t have to keep dipping back into the pan for more product. Sunset has the most shimmer, as you can see in the swatch, but on the cheeks it isn`t strong at all. That is something I appreciate from her blushes. They`re not jam packed with glitter chunks that make me look like a lunatic outside in the sun.

My one complain would be the selection, though. I would love to see her expand and create double the amount of blushes offered. I like all of the colors I have tried, but I wish there were still a lot more for me to choose from and purchase.

These will run you about $9.99 at Target. That seems a bit high to a lot of people, considering it is being bought at the drugstore. I look at her brand as more of a middle ground, though. (lower middle, perhaps) Yes, it is being bought at the drugstore but I wouldn`t put it into the same grouping as, say, L`Oreal. Same with Pixi... that is being sold at Target but I don`t think anyone would classify their products as drugstore.

I like the packaging on her blushes. I know a lot of people like black, but I think the white makes them stand out from most other containers. They have a magnetic closure. The top easily clips down to become magnetized and is quite secure.

Wear, for me, is amazing. I have never looked at the clock to time it, but I can tell you for certain that after putting it on in the morning and being out and about for most of the day, when I get home it is still visible. Perhaps not as strong, but still there. Also, to give you an idea, I do have oily skin. Even the creme blushes work well on my skin.

-The first photo is just a picture of my blush drawer pulled out.


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