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5 years ago

Everyone has been raving about the different beauty sponges that have hit the market. First we all heard about the Beauty Blender. After the hype of that was evident, I feel Sonia Kashuk jumped the bandwagon. Hey, I`m okay with that. A product claiming to be able to do the same thing and provide equally good result...but at a lower price? Heck yeah!

I, however, never tried the Beauty Blender. In fact, most of the time I don`t even use brushes for my foundation. I prefer to use my (clean) fingers! I figured I would try the Sonia Kashuk sponge out, though, because I was curious and had heard mixed reviews on it.

Let me just say... I quite like it. I don`t have any real qualms with it. It does what I want it to do and doesn`t break the bank. As for how long it will last, I don`t know. I haven`t had mine for months and months or anything. But, for around $10.00 I can justify replacing when the time does come.

I enjoy the shape of this sponge. It isn`t a perfect egg shape, so I find it easy to hold onto. I love the little point because it really gets in to spaces like around the nose and near the bridge of my nose by my eyes and under the eyes. I also find it to be nicely soft and squishy. I can`t compare that to the Beauty Blender, though, because.. as I said.. I`ve not used that one.

I have heard a bunch of people say they don`t like the Sonia Kashuk sponge because it soaks up their foundation. I haven`t had that issue, though. I wet the sponge and then squeeze out a good portion of the water. That seems to keep it from absorbing away my foundation.

For application, I`ve been using this for both my concealer AND my foundation. I dot on my concealer with a brush and then use this to pounce over the area, which blends it in perfectly and doesn`t take away the desired coverage. For my foundation, I dot it across my face, and then do the same with the sponge as I did for the foundation. I don`t swipe or rub. I pretty much just pounce it across my face. The sponge does all the work for me.

Washing it up is just as easy. I do deep clean it after every single use. Being a sponge, I don`t want anything just sitting in there and getting disgusting and then turning around and reapplying that to my face. To wash I rinse out as much of the product first. Then I lather it up with a combo of extra virgin olive oil (works great to break up the foundation and concealer) and a rotation of different soaps. I use baby shampoo, face wash, or mild dish soap.. depending on my mood and what I end up reaching for. They all work well, though. The benefit of the dish soap, though, is you can get them in an antibacterial formula.

So, for me this product gets a thumbs up. I approve!


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