Sometimes You Just Want to Strangle Someone

5 years ago

<STRONG>My Sunday evening of fun!</STRONG>

Customer Chat
Chat Transcript
Hello Stephen. Please wait while we find a CLEAR specialist to help you.
You are an existing customer with a Tech Support question.
All agents are currently busy. Please stand by.
You have been connected to tt_Ernest Aldrin E.
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: Stephen, thank you for chatting with Clear. So I can help, may I please have the 10 digit phone number on the account?
Stephen: **********
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: thanks
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: one moment
Stephen: i was just talking to another agent. he had reset my connection to the tower and ask me to power cycle and turn off my modem and turn back. i`ve done that and i`m still getting speeds below 1.0 Mbps for download
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: I would be happy to help you further. Would you verify the account please by telling me your Mother`s middle name?
Stephen: *****
Stephen: i was talking to: Gilbert W earlier
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: Before we proceed can you tell me your current E-mail and phone number , so we know where to call or send you important updates and news about your bill and service.
Stephen: ******************* **********
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: thanks
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: Stephen , I am sorry that you are having speed issues, I will be glad to help you resolve your speed issues today.
Stephen: tt_Gilbert W: I`m going to reset your connection to the towers. This will take a minute to process. Thanks for your patience.
Stephen: tt_Gilbert W: Perfect! now we need to power cycle the modem that will disconnect you on chat, are you able to power cycle now, We need to do that since I just reset the connection to maximize the speed.

Stephen: that`s what i did with the other person and it`s still slow
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: i see,
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: i do apologize for that
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: how many lights do you have on the modem right now?
Stephen: it`s the clear spot that looks like a black soap. solid blue and green
Stephen: just ran speedtest. ping 93 ms, download 0.62 mbps, upload 1.40 mbps
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: i see
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: Can you verify the mac id of the clear modem please?
Stephen: *******
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: thanks
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: can you run speedtest again
Stephen: worst. ping 77ms dl 0.47 ul 1.35
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: I`m sorry that you`re seeing a slower connection than you are accustomed to. I assure you that our top priority is making sure that all of our customers have the best Internet experience possible, at all times. To do that, during times of high network congestion we may equalize everyones ability to enjoy a high-quality internet experience.
Stephen: that`s just a copy and paste remark. and you`re forced to paste that because you can`t fixed it. for the amount of money i`m paying it should be at least over 1mbps. otherwise i might as well switch to verizon dsl
Stephen: because if it`s congested every night
Stephen: then i`m paying $47 for 0.6???
Stephen: that`s ridiculous
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: its a tower issue and its automatic on the system that we tech support cant altered.
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: We want to be upfront with our customers and tell them that we use a data speed regulation system. The intent of our approach is to manage the network solely at those times and locations when/where needed, in order to provide a good online experience for the vast majority of our customers.
Stephen: but if it happens every night???
Stephen: i already wasted 2 hours on this
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: CLEARs system reviews several factors, the most important of which is the individual users recent online usage pattern. The reduction in speed that a particular user will experience mostly depends on the utilization at the tower to which that user is connecting.
Stephen: that`s not very reassuring
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: f your CLEAR internet service is impacted by the system, the congestion level at your tower will determine when your higher data speeds will return. On some towers, this happens quickly. On other towers, this speed restoration process can take longer.
Stephen: which again does not help me.
tt_Ernest Aldrin E: since its a tower issue , you need to rest the modem for over night or atleast 2 hours.
Stephen: clear should not charge customers for days it cannot provide adequate service and tells its customers to turn off their modems b/c too many users are on.

So that was PART of my two hours wasted this evening...

Talk the TALK
1) Don`t you just want to strangle someone sometimes?
2) What internet provider do you use? Are you happy with them?

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