Something Purple: DAY 8 - Lampe Berger Oil Lamps

Hi! When I went to Louisiana this past October I stayed with my Uncle & Aunt in their newly constructed home. The house was beautiful and so amazing but one thing that I couldn`t live without... was their home fragrance choices! They had about 5 oil lamps they used throughout the house and bedrooms and the scent was just beautiful. Eventually I talked my uncle into letting me take one home (I`m his only niece so it wasn`t that complicated!) and I wanted to share this with you. So the last 2 images is the one he let me have, isn`t it a beauty! You can`t see the color all that good, but it`s irridescent under the cloudy look with undterones of purple, turquoise and blue.

So if you are unfamiliar with these guys (see last image), they have a wicke inside and each lamp comes with a funnel (not shown). You funnel your fragrance into the lamp, if your wicke is dry you allow it to soak for about 15-20 minutes. Once soaked (you can look at it and tell or you`ll know when it doesn`t light), you light the wicke cap and there will be a high flame in the beginning. Once the top turns red/orange, you can blow out the flame and it will continue to burn on it`s own or until cool. You can also place the snuffer on top and it will put it out as well if the scent becomes too strong for you or if you`ve fulfilled your fragrant needs. It also comes with a decorative cap that you use while it`s burning to protect you from the heat of the cap. The fragrance permeates the entire space for hours! My uncle had several because his house was huge but one works fine for my home. I`ll probably get one more and use in the front and one in the back so it can distribute evenly, but for the most part I just walk it to the back or front when needed. I really love the Creme Brulee scent. It`s fresh and clean but also a little sweet but there are tons of options to choose from.

I haven`t found one exactly like mine online or anywhere else for that matter but this sourcelink has plenty. I have shown you some purple options because this is Something Purple and all. This site also has the fragrances.

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image 6&7: ***my own images***

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