Something Purple: DAY 24 - Arizona`s Sabino Canyon`s Purple Cacti

Hey Luuuxer Travelers,
There is one thing that I definitely must see live and in living color... purple cacti. The first time I learned that these plants existed was a few years back when my friend told me a story of how she`ll never explore Las Vegas again because she saw purple cactus and it freaked her out. Needless to say that with my love for purple I became extremely intrigued.

For this post of my 29DAY Challenge of 1 purple something for the 29 Days of my birth month, I want to take you to Sabino Canyon located in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona USA. On the trails of this canyon you can find a variety of plant species and Purple cacti is just one of them. I think they are so absolutely beautiful, it just reminds you that nature is so much more than what we are used to. I`m definitely going to take a road trip this year to go and experience Arizona for one since I`ve never been, secondly for a trip to the Grand Canyon is a must and of course to get an up close view of what has become my favorite cacti.

Have you ever seen a purple cactus in person?
Have you ever visited Arizona?
Would you like to visit?

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