Some Tips to earn L$ for Old amp New Members!!

4 years ago

I know a lot of old members are upset with the changes of L$. I understand that you are upset because of the lack of communication the LUUUX Staff had with the community (you guys). I know many of you are leaving LUUUX or had left already and it honestly saddens me but I wish you all the best with your new blogs out there and that maybe you will return some day or plan to stay (if you haven`t left yet).
Do you feel like your goal is so far out of reach? Here are some tips that might help you attain your goals faster:

  1. Don`t be lazy! Nothing is easy when it comes to something being free. Take the time to write a good post with your own content (meaning text) and if you can even use an original image, that`ll be great too! Try to keep your posts detailed and informative because you MIGHT get a chance to win 1000L$! If it is well written, it will get noticed! -------->LUUUX Staff says: Across the Universes (excluding Community), we want to find 2 great posts each week that are worthy of a great content award. Each winner will receive 1,000 Luuux$ giving us 16 members per week who can this award. It`s better to write one good detailed post than four not so good posts because it will take about the same time and you have a good chance of winning L$!

  2. Treasure Hunts!! A treasure hunt will be posted weekly for a chance for one member to win 1000L$ and 15 runner ups to win 200L$! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER to keep updated with the clues OR like us on our FB page and email your answer to! Here is a post with more INFO from our last scavenger hunt: /viz/luuux-scavenger-hunt-thursday-7th-feb-win-luuux and congrats to the winner by the way!

  3. LUUUX Staff also says that: Each week, 4 members who have the most popular posts will each receive 1,000 Luuux$ This is generated by a system and are you wondering how to win? Interact with others! The people you comment to on a daily basis will most likely comment you back over time. It takes time and it doesn`t happen with a snap of a finger so be patient and find some members you can create a good bond with and you can win with likes and comments BUT do not SPAM comment or like because it can get your account suspended.

  4. Last but not least, ENJOY your time here. Try not to concentrate so much on the L$ and have fun blogging, make friends and gain followers! Keep your eye out on the treasure hunts and write good posts because it will help a lot with earning more L$!! STAY POSITIVE! I also want to welcome all new members to LUUUX and I want to say thank you to the ones who is sticking by LUUUX that has previously been here!

Have a simple question? Contact a moderator! ME /member/aLeung /member/s-mak /member/DTalksAll /member/liliana-lopez
Are you using an image that is not yours? Here is a tip! Make sure your source link is CORRECT for orders in the future. Not sure if it is correct? /viz/fix-your-sourcelinks and it will guide you step by step! I know this was a long post and it might be a lot to take in. If you go to the LUUUX Staff page: it will provide more details in earning more L$. I am just repeating what has been said to get it out there even more! I hope you all took the time to read this post and that it will help you in the future with earning L$!
Did my post answer any of your questions? Is there any questions you will like to ask? I can try and help the best I can. Any suggestions in new ways in earning L$? I won`t guarantee it will happen but it is worth the shot! Have a comment about what I wrote? Share with me!
P.S. If you like, share this post to people by linking it to them so they can read it and get the word out! :D

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