Some Secrets You Should Know about the Origin of DVD

3 years ago

Is is known to all that DVD disc is the common carrier for audio and video works, especially for movies and songs. Every famous singer will launch their albums through discs. Then let me bring you to the origin of DVD disc you do not know.

It was firstly put forward by Sony and Philips who pretend to develop new technology to instead the CD and VHS tapes in 1994. Surely it is good news for users who can enjoy the joyousness brought by high-tech. Meanwhile, other companies also have the heart to put their fingers in the pie. And that intrigued a lot of controversy. Of course, they study to make their own special one. However, they need to have a consensus to guarantee their profit. For instance, they have to set the problems such as the licensees of the new specifications. And then movie distributors pour oil on the debate. They proposed that the DVD need a copy protection specification. That is the region code people know today. Supposing they did not raised that, people can watch movies around the world, and there is no bother to buy some software to unlock the codes now. However, merchants are wise to keep sure of their profits. They always know how to make money. And later Sony was the first to showcase its DVD technology. Gradually, there are more companies to release their new technology of DVD discs. Until today, you may see there are three types on market. They are DVD, Blu-ray, and HD DVD discs.

To sum up, the world is really colorful. And if we want to know more, we have to read more first. And then we share!

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