Some Good Reasons Not To Drink Cow`s Milk

3 years ago

Cow`s milk is rich in fat and cholesterol, allergenic foods are dairy and animal exploitation cause, but you can find good alternatives!

As Dr. Michael Klaper, author of bestselling books on the cholesterol-free diet: "People are the only animals that drink milk from other species. All animals stop drinking milk after weaning. It is unnatural to breast feed a dog a giraffe, a cow boy drinking milk is just weird. "The consumption of foods high in fat contributes to the development of those diseases which are the leading causes of death for health: heart problems and some cancers. Fortunately there are valid alternatives, either to maintain a balanced diet to satisfy our habit of drinking milk. We can perform our favorite preparations using healthier drinks.

The connection between illness and consumption of milk
According to the International Vegetarian Union (IVU), dairy products are deficient in fiber and iron, and are overloaded with fat and cholesterol. Milk is a concentrated source of protein, and the excessive consumption of foods high in protein can contribute ad development of osteoporosis or bone loss due to reabsorption of calcium. Contrary to what may seem, this loss is not compensated by increasing calcium intake but limiting the protein.

The New England Journal of Medicine has published a study suggesting that the habit of drinking cow`s milk during infancy promotes juvenile diabetes and galactose has also been associated with ovarian cancer. Women suffering from this disease show increased consumption of dairy products, particularly yogurt, compared with women who did not become ill from ovarian cancer. In addition, milk is a common cause of allergies and digestive problems, doctors reportedly.

Today dairy are no longer overvalued. For example 30 years ago butter consumption per person was 8 kg per year, and is now less than 3 kg. In parallel, there has been a fall in the incidence of coronary heart disease in the past 25 years.

Foods that are good sources of calcium
All green vegetables, nuts, legumes and beans contain calcium. Raw sesame seeds contain more calcium than any other food on earth. Sources of calcium are many fruits (strawberries, apples, mango) and the water. Drinks are also similar to milk in appearance.

Another similar dairy free product is the tiger nut milk (horchata). As to soya milk, which has been very publicized in recent years, it is not advisable as healthy alternative and has also been found that the cultivation of the same damaged ecology.

In contrast, healthy drinks such as almonds can even be prepared at home. They can be found in many ice cream stores, and sweets or dairy free cakes up in department stores. To get used to replace cow`s milk, it helps cool the chosen alternative drink, and when tested, not mentally associate the taste of milk and its heavier consistency. Simply say `rice drink` and not `rice milk` helps you get used to the new refreshing and nutritious, avoiding fixed solely on differences that its aroma can be compared to the taste of the milk. Over time, it will be difficult to accept again the fat intake of dairy foods, we become heavier and less pleasant.

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