SOMA INTIMATES ... These Bra`s May Not Be As SEXY As Victoria`s Secret: But They Give You Great Support!

I don`t know about you ladies, but I always have trouble finding a really good bra. Once I do, I normally stock up and buy that bra in every color!

Don`t get me wrong I love Victoria`s Secret, but their bra`s arent the best fit for me. Yes, they have tons of bra`s and adorable styles and colors, but at the end of the day, I need a bra that supports me and lasts a while.

I am actually a 32DD in bra`s. I am very tiny around, but have a big chest. I would always wear a 34D because thats all I could find at Victoria`s Secret, but I would always feel that the band was to large, even on the smallest setting and my chest would start to pop out from the bottom.

My old roommate worked at a Soma Intimates where I live and she insisted I come in and try on a bra. For the longest time I refused to, saying that the only bra`s I wear are Victoria`s Secret and that I am SUPER picky when It comes to buying bra`s. Since I have a big chest, I don`t need padding, but I like something that is full coverage, while still looking sexy and giving me some push up without all the padding.

Well I gave in and went to her store, and to my amazement I fell IN-LOVE. That is actually when I found out that I need to be wearing 32DD instead of 34Ds, and 32DD bras can be difficult to find! Anyway I got fitted and tried on tons of bras and was so surprised to find some bras that fit amazing. I bought a few to see how I liked them. Now I can honestly say all the bras I wear are from soma, they give me such great support and fit so perfectly (I dont know how I managed to wear the wrong size bra for years, and now I finally know what a good bra feels like).

Soma carries 32 sizes of bras from 32A to 42 DDD. They have a wide selection of bras from full support, demi cup, padded bras, strapless you name it. If the dont have your size in stock or the color you are looking for they will even order it and get it shipped to you free of charge.

I am sorry Canada, and international ladies, but I believe Soma stores are only found in the U.S, but I could be wrong! I am not telling you these are the best bras ever and you should order them online if you dont have a Soma by you, but If you do you should definitely go to one of there stores and get a bra fitting and try on some bras I promise you wont regret it!

Also if you sign up with your email and address in the store, you will get some many great coupons and get deals :)

Soma also carries, panties, shape-wear, pajamas, active wear and much more. If my friend hadnt of worked there I dont think I would ever of went into a Soma ( I actually thought it was for older women & stuff).

All these pictures are from
The first picture posted and the forth are two of my personal favorites. They don`t have padding (which I like) but push me up and give me tons of support.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions at all feel free to ask <3

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