Sold House for Plastic Surgery!

3 years ago

How far would you go for plastic surgery? Would you ever sell your house in order to pay for it? Today, plastic surgery is a becoming more of a norm these days. Many women and men, young and old, are turning towards plastic surgery to gain specific features.

Probably the most common route that people take when it comes to paying for surgery would be by working. But what happens if the surgery is too much to pay for even if you`re working multiple jobs? Tsia Pullen decided to sell her house in order to pay for her multiple plastic surgeries! Like most people, probably the main reason why they get surgery is because they don`t feel `beautiful` enough. Tsia didn`t want to be an `over-weight` bride on her wedding, so she decided that she`d sell her house to pay for all the surgeries in order to look `beautiful.` She shrunk from a size 24 to a size 10!

Cost of operations: $35,000 US or 22,000 pounds!!
-Gastric Band
-Breast Implants
-Arm Lift
-Thigh Lift
-Tummy Tuck (3 times!)

Personally, I find it sad that people resort to such extremes in order to look `beautiful.` I believe that beauty comes in all forms & shapes, and that we should all appreciate what we`re born with. Why is it that society`s definition of `beauty` (which is impossible to reach) is brainwashing women and men of all ages?

Would you ever go this far to pay for plastic surgery?

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