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Obviously, by looking at my vanity, theres no such thing as too many brushes. Budget to luxury- theres something about these tools that makes them totally desirable. I know Im always on the hunt to find new, unique makeup brushes and I recently have been playing with these SOHO Professional Makeup Brushes ($6.99 USD to $19.99 USD), hoping to find a few new favourites.

These brushes are available at mass retailers like Wal-Mart and CVS, and are fairly gentle on the wallet (most of them anyways getting into $20 for a brush in my opinion isnt so gentle anymore). They have a huge range of brushes for both face and eyes, and a couple of them stood out to me with their interesting and unique cuts. They are made of both synthetic and natural hair fibers, and I love how the brand has created how-to videos for each brush so you know exactly how to use them.

One thing that really stood out to me about the line is the ergonomic handle basically a triangular-shaped section on the handle with contours to fit nicely in your fingers. It almost reminds me of those pencil cushions I used to use back in grade school to prevent getting calluses on my fingers.

Overall, I find the synthetic fiber brushes to be much more soft, resilient and enjoyable to use. Many of the natural-haired bristle brushes became scratchy with extended use, and didnt dry so nicely after washing. Both of these characteristics are very common to brushes in the same budget category, especially those sold at mass retailers.

These brushes really follow along the same guidelines that I usually recommend- save money with synthetic brushes and splurge on natural hair brushes. Synthetic fibers brushes are usually pretty fool-proof, so you can go with a budget brand like SOHO for them but Id save my pennies and splurge on natural hair bristles from higher-end brands like MAC or Bdellium Tools.

A few brushes that stood out to me in particular that I liked are the Smudge Brush (I like the angled tip), Angled Eyeliner Brush (the bristles are shorter than usual, so I have more control), Concealer Brush (works really well for blending concealer and being precise) and Highlighter Brush (really a duo fiber brush, so it has many uses). The Brow Groomer Brushis also super handy if youre looking for a brow/lash tool like this one.

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