Soft Shell Crab Roll

4 years ago

One of my favorite rolls =)

I was super glad my sister chose a Japanese all you can eat restaurant that served this as part of their lunch menu, most places don`t. For $13.99 a person, it was very cheap, considering it was the weekend and they didn`t overload the sushi with rice.

In the soft shell crab roll, the crab is deep fried whole and then chopped into different pieces. The crab is relatively small and its shell is very thin, hence the name soft shell.

The filling is very similar to the california roll, where there is avocado and cucumber. As there was already soft shell crab, they did not include maki. Rather, the avocado was there to help give a nice creamy texture to the sushi, especially since the soft shell crab was very crispy. The cucumber was there to balance the flavor out, as the soft shell crab has a very distinct taste of its own and the roll is drizzled in unagi sauce, making it very savory. It was very crunchy roll that had a nice delicate balance of flavors and textures.

The one thing I didn`t like was that the sushi crumbled very easily due to the weight of the soft shell crab so you had to eat it up very quickly.

Personally, I prefer the middle parts of the roll rather than the ends with the huge crab legs. I don`t like eating too much fried food, especially when the food itself has a strong taste, like crab. So the middle parts serve me well.

What do you guys think?

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