Sofia Vergara amp Fitness - What She Does to Keep Fit!

5 years ago

I have mentioned before how i really like the tv show "Modern Family", which stars Sofia Vergara.
Besides being a great actress and funny, Sofia Vergara also gets recognition for her looks. The 39 yo looks great, no questions there, but a lot of people do wonder how can she do it and look so good.

Well, it does seem to be more than just good genes. I found an article for an interview with her personal trainer and where he gave some tips on what and how he works out Sofia:

-He changes the workouts and try to make them fun, because variety is important for the workouts to be effective and by enjoying the workouts you will do them better.

-Full body workouts. These workouts will be more time effective and better to work all muscles instead of just one for each exercise. By incorporating other fitness accessories you can also work more muscle at one time.

-He schedules his workout time and how many time for set. This helps for people, like Sofia, that don`t have much time and so by setting how much time you want to spend on each exercise it will all be more effective. The full body workouts i mention before also help with this factor.

-Careful diet. Sofia tries to keep everything under moderation in terms of diet and exercise and her trainer also advices her to avoid carbs later at night and make the best choices most of the time, with some space for a smaller "cheat food".

His tips and directions combined with Sofia good effort and discipline seem to work as you can see for yourself in the picture and on the show. Also her habits and her trainer tips seem easy to follow and traceableness to everybody, which is good.

<strong>What do you think of her? Are you a fan of her and the show?
Do you also associate Sofia with the fitness and health area?</strong>

(picture from the source; text is mine with the tips based on this interview :

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