Sofia Nicole was Born! *Story amp Images*

Hiya guys,
Well as many of you might of known or read in my posts by any chance, i was pregnant.
My due date was february 10th and yes, i finally had my baby girl. YAY!
I thought i would share my story with you guys seeing there might be a few intersted
in reading how it went and to see a picture of my little girl.

It all started on the 8th of february, i went for my 40th week app and they examined
me, i was 1cm and a half dilated but she told me they would call me from the hospital
within a few days to induce me.. I got home and my lower back was hurting alot
i didnt think much of it. My mum kept looking at me weird because she knew that
when you get examined it does increase the probabilities of going into labour.
At night it got worse but i just went to sleep. At 3am i woke up from Very heavy
lower back ache and stomach cramps.. I went in the bath and it eased the pain abit
yet i was timing my contractions to see how it was going. At this point they were 5mins
apart and i held at home till 5.30am and by quarter to 7 in the morning of february
9th i was in the hospital. I was 2 fingers dilated but they kept me in because
her head was sitting rather low. They took me too my room and after a few hours
and walking a bit, my contractions were really heavy and 3mins apart for a whole
two hours and then i called the doctors. They took me to the monitors and then
took me into the labour room. I asked for an epidural, i got one. For the first hour
it worked and it wore off, so i asked for it another two times but NO it didnt work..
I was throwing up because i was in so much pain and the nurse shouted to get me
another epidural because i was in too much pain.. Doctor said no because her head
was practicly there and if they gave me one i wasnt able to push. At 8cm dilated
they broke my waters and not long from then i was PUSHING! it took 20mins of
pushing, but it was amazing seeing her come out. Sofia Nicole was born at 00:40
on february 10th! Nearly born on the 9th but she decided to come right on her
due date! Weighing 2.980kg/ 6lbs 5oz, and was 43 cm long!
There were loads of complications afterwards, they kept me in the hospital for
a WHOLE WEEK instead of 48h, because she kept throwing up her food, they
think shes alergic of the milk so im giving her special milk. I also spent valentines
day in the hospital.. and it was the worst valentines day i had in my life
but with the best gift of all.. I was ment to be going home that day but he saw
she wasnt putting on weight so he made a scan of her head and brain to see if there
was anything wrong.. Worst thing ive been through in my life, especially when i was
on my own the whole time.. Her daddy only came at night and slept with us, for the
rest of the time i was on my own with visitors sometimes. Going through her
getting the scan all i could do was pray.. and my prayers worked, she is perfectly
fine and we was aloud out the next day YAY!.

(The last image is the picture i was going to use for my 40th week update)

Here are some images of my little girl.
Please do not take, they are personal *

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