Soda-Less update

4 years ago

I have been on the Anti-Soda Kick since May 25th, and i must say i am doing great!
I didn`t even realize that it has almost been a month.
I have only had one moment of weakness, 2 saturdays ago while my family was out at the race track i had a bottle of RC, but I am surprised that I`ve managed to follow through with my goal,
and i`m proud of myself!
I also must admit that i haven`t seen too many benefits from my diet change. I don`t feel like i have more energy actually i`ve been far more tired the past few weeks, which i am thinking is just because it`s summer.
The only benefit i have seen is that i have been more tired around 10pm. So i`ve been more tired around the time i should be going to sleep.
I am having a hard time finding things to drink, i`m getting bored already!
I drink Blue Powerade
Cranberry Juice
Sweet Tea
and Water

If you have any suggestions for me please share! i Could use it :)
Oh and i`ve been having dreams about soda...
who needs it in real life when you have dreams lol

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Have you made any changes in your diet recently?

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