Sock buns --FTW!!

4 years ago

First off, let me just say this is me not someone from google, ahaha. That`s always the first thing I wonder when I see a picture on the thumbnail, i dont know about you, ahaha.
Idk if you have ever tried wearing a sockbun, but I believe, when God made us women and put us on this Earth, he knew that us beautiful ladies that he was created will have bad hair days and dont have time to do fix it up, and this is why he created this lovely thing called the sockbun! (ahahhaa, just my little theory).

Do any of you ladies ahve those days when your hair is just not going to behave and you have nothing to do with it, but you want to look nice?
I do a sock bun EVERYTIME I am in this sitautoon, or if I just want my hair out of my face. It saves me soooo mcuh time and energy. And for school, it saves me sleep! ahaha.

I`ll put a video up from youtube that will show you how to create a sockbun, literally, it is so easy! and you will soon fall in love, just like me :)


Do you like wearing sock buns? What is your go to hairstyle?

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