Social Wars: Facebook spends $1 billion to keep Instagram off Google+

If youve ever needed proof that we live in the future, the events of today should certainly suffice. Instagram, having only just last week seen a huge spike in its users by adding an Android app, is being bought by Facebook for $1B in cash and stock. This moment in time collides with another photo company, Kodak. The company that inspired the phrase Kodak moment which is still being used today, is spiraling towards bankruptcy. The digital photo era is not only in full swing, but is clearly governed by whether or not you are able to take your photos, edit them on the fly, and post them to your favorite social network. Well, unless your favorite social network is Google+, that is.

Just a little while ago, Mark Zuckerberg and the Instagram blog simultaneously posted stories of the acquisition. It was made abundantly clear that Instagram was going to remain as its own app, and users would not be forced into any kind of Facebook integration if they didnt want it. You can even make sure your contacts lists for Facebook and Instagram are still separate.

What was made clear on Zucks post, that was not made clear on Instagrams, was the plans that are in store for the Instagram crew. While updates and new features will remain a priority for Instagram as a project, Mark Zuckerberg made it clear that Instagram is also going to be used to improve their internal products as well. That means a better photo studio for Facebook users, which is a far bigger deal than many realize. The integration of Googles Picnik photo studio into Google+ created a rich, feature-packed photo manipulation suite built right into Google+. Theres nothing like it built into Facebook, and Instagram will change that in a hurry. Amidst the claims that Instagram is for square-cropped hipsters, the Instagram app delivers a lot of power when it comes to taking your existing photos and allowing you to improve them.

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