Social Media affects Jobs, Credit Score, Insurance, College and etc!

Today, January 28, 2011 is <strong>Data Privacy Day</strong>. It`s a day to raise awareness of the importance of protecting your privacy on the Internet especially on social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Google and so forth. It is important to try to make your social networking sites as private as can be because with the technology we have now, it is easy to look up people, stalk people and so forth. Social media may be good for us as entertainment but it can also be bad too in some cases.

<strong>Do you think what you put on your facebook status?</strong> Have you ever put something dumb like you wanted to jump off a bridge, get drunk, high or whatever it may be... I know I have seen some stupid status updates here and there but do you think what kind of consequences you can get? Do you think of that?

Say prior to that day you went to an interview. Maybe the person that interviews you decides to browse Facebook and happens to find you.. they saw that you got "drunk" yesterday chances are they may judge you from that status and think you`re not responsible. BUT, if your account was private they wouldn`t have information to that though.

56% of adults surveyed don`t actively think about the consequences of their online activities!
14% of adults surveyed say they have experienced negative consequences due to online activities by others [This is important... maybe your account is safe and private but what about your friends? They might tag you in a photo but their account isn`t private so it`s important for your buddies to have secured accounts too!]
21% were fired from a job [This may be they stole something from work and said it on their status, left early or they "are chilling at work" doing nothing.. updating their status]
16% lost out on getting a job [This may because of partying and post photos and so forth]
16% lost their health insurance
14% lost out on the college they wanted
15% were turned down for a mortgage

As you can see the percentage rates, that is only based on 5,000 people. Think about the world, how many people that would affect!

Definitely think twice on what you put on your social media sites, what you post, who you`re friends with because that matters!

And a tip: If you`re ever selling anything on the Internet and meeting up (like Craigslist)... I sell my text books on there sometimes when the person emails asking to buy the text book, I will use their e-mail address and look them up on Facebook to see if they`re legit and browse through to see if they seem to be an okay person. And majority of the time, their sites aren`t private SO SEE I do too it too and chances are potential employers are too!

<strong>Is your Facebook private? Do you add strangers? Are you cautious of what you put on the Internet?</strong>

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