So you want to be VS angel?

2 years ago

Almost any girl can tell you that they wish they looked liked a Victoria Secret Model or even just a model in general, but do they even know what that even means? They wish they had their beauty and body but is it really worth it?There`s so many requirements to be eligible to have a slim chance at becoming one for something like Victoria Secret. 9 times out of 10 girls just say that because models are skinnier than them however, its not always a good thing. Please tell me which Victoria Secret model has abs and muscular legs, I`d really like to know because if you haven`t noticed, they aren`t fit, just skinny. How do you get that skinny? Never eating. Is that healthy? Sorry babe no its not. Look at them from a side view. Their skinnier than paper. Look at there thin legs and thigh gaps as wide as the U.S. They look starved almost. But then we have people like beyonce, beautifully proportioned at more than 120 pounds, its true. You don`t have to weight less than air to be hot. Embrace yourself ladies because in reality your perfect the way you are. If you are still self-conscience about your weight and image, don`t admire the skinnies, admire the healthies, the ladies that workout and have muscle instead of just bone. Believe me, fit IS in, bone ISN`T.
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