So... When`s The Divorce???

4 years ago

First of all, I know I will get a lot of "oh, you`re so mean", but I am not mean... I mean it when`s the divorce??

I was literally in shock when I read this... they`re engaged??? for real? It`s not a late April`s fool joke???

miley is what??? 19, 20 years old, I know that she isn`t mroe than 20 years old, I am so in shock, it looks like we`re back to the 19th centrury where woman needed to get married at 18 years old and have kids at 19...

I am diferent from rpetty much every girl you know... Marriage and havbing kids are two things that don`t creep the hell out of me, but two things that I just don`t get the rush... Well at least for the marriage, I do understand wanting to have a child but to be married...

I don`t hate marriage but girls/woman somewhat make me hate it... I hate when a girl says "oh I`m so sick of waiting for him to pop the question!" "I want to get married"... I was reply: "so you`re excited about getting amrried, and how excited are you about being married"... wedding is overrated... the weeding is just a day, marriage is for your entire life, and the only though that comes to my head when a girl who has a boyfriend of 5 years old says "I want to get married so badly" is "you`re childish!"... i tihnk that the though about the prince and the white horse plus that white dress... walking down the aisle when we don`t even go to church or wearing white when you`re not a virgen... is hyrocrit... That how I see msot of weeding... You want the drtess, the day and the party... I would understand if you were excited for your honeymoon but for your wedding...????

I just don`t gwet what`s the whole point of getting married if you live with your boyfriend, you shade your finances, you even have kids... that`s not the point of being married??? to have a life together??? then there you have it? what`s that thing about the RING, the DRESS, the PARTY... I mean cmaon grow up???

I tihnk miley willl end up as kim kartrashian... having a divorce in just a few months... well miley doesn`t necerally acts as a wife, showing her niples, breathes wearing no panties and showing it... I don`t tihnk that`s how a wife should act... But who cares for a life together when you can spend money on a ridiculous party right?!

That`s why I find weddings ridiculous, and also the reason why I tihnk she betetr have a pre-nup!

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