So Wayne Gretzky Is Your Dad - You Want To Make A Name For Yourself Too

4 years ago

Your dad is Wayne Gretzky and he`s been known as "The Great One" and he`s been called the "greatest hockey player ever." You being Paulina the oldest of Wayne`s children wants to make a name for yourself too. So you you take provocative pictures of yourself and you post them on twitter and your dad tries to shutter your twitter activity. She`s also made appearances wearing lingerie to a club and recently has been photographed in some inappropriate photos while in Las Vegas with some friends. Paulina had reportedly removed these photos shortly after they had been posted, but the Vancouver Sun caught them before that happened. Wayne had gotten a lot of flak for his daughter`s activity and I wonder what his wife/her mom thinks of all of this. When there was kind of a scandal with betting that his wife was involved with it got swept over and hushed pretty quick, but pictures last forever if you post them on the internet. If you search the Vancouver Sun you can see a bunch and she looks like she can be on Girls Gone Wild in some of them. Paulina can be "The Great One" too but in a different way lol. I admit she is quite the looker.

Have you ever get wild and take suggestive/provocative photos?
What do you think was going through Wayne`s mind when he saw these?
Why do you think Paulina is doing this?

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