So Many Samples Comes Along With So Many Acne.

1 year ago

I used to have a great skin care routine but...I got kind of greedy with all these samples that I was given and now i`m getting so many acne. Maybe the reason is because my skin isn`t used to these products. May these weren`t meant to be used on my skin. I don`y know..okay! So I know i`m allergic to SPF/sunscreen , primers, and anything with lots of ingredients. So I try my best to avoid them but I really wanted to find a primer and SPF/sunscreen that wouldn`t break me out. I thought that if I used good products mostly all from clarins, it would be okay. I now learned from my lesson. Just stick with what you have. I regret it so much but I can`t take back time so only thing I can do is..stick to my old routine and have patience. Well..if you do read this..thank you.

P.s. the picures are my picture that I took of me. Unfortunately, I have no before picture(s) but this is how bad it looks right. now.

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