So, how did I like Chernobyl Diaries?

**This will contain a TON of spoilers!**
So, I was legit scared while watching this movie. But honestly, I`m scared of any and everything, so that doesn`t say much. Remember Jesse McCartney (I don`t want another pretty face... he sings Beautiful Soul, I know you know that song!!)? He`s in this movie. He`s like super grown now and he`s gained a LOT of weight. But he`s one of the main characters. Okay, so this movie about these 3 young people (early twenties) who travel to Kiev to meet up with Jesse`s brother (no clue what his name is) who moved there the year before after visiting. They plan to go to Moscow and Jesse is supposed to propose to his gf. Well the next day his brother is like let`s go with this tour guide. He does extreme tourism (that sounds super safe). So they go with this guy and he invites them and this other random European couple to go tour Chernobyl, which btw actually happened, minus the people they see there. So basically a nuclear reactor blew up and the whole town had to evacuate within a day. They couldn`t take anything and they just had to get out of town. But in actuality, some people never left. So they go there and it`s off limits but of course they sneak in the back way in this hideous van that looks like it`s falling apart. They go in this abandoned building and a bear comes out of nowhere. A BEAR. And the tour guide sees smoke from a little fire, but he kicks the rocks until the smoke goes down and doesn`t say anything. Then they try to leave the and the van won`t start, so him and Jesse go off to find the guard shack then the tour guide gets attacked. Okay, I won`t give the whole story away, even though I basically did. But the whole movie was pretty good and I was scared like the whole time. It was very creepy. The ending kind of sucked because Jesse was like the smartest one out of all of them and he was the second to die. This movie is not like amazing or anything, but it`s definitely worth seeing.

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