SnowWhite and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)
Cast: Kristen Stewart (Snow White), Charlzie Theron (The Evil Queen), Chris Hemsworth (The Huntsman) and Sam Claflin (William).
Director: Rupert Sanders
Plot Overview:
Snow white is the daughter of King Magnus who is imprisoned, soon after his mothers death and fathers murder, by the newly wed queen Ravenna. However, snow white escapes soon after the queen has realized that she is the key to immortality and beauty. A huntsman is then sent after snow white but soon turns against the queen and her men as he realises that he was a victim of her lies and trickery. He then turns into a protector of the princess as together they realise that she is the key to the defeat of the queen.
The film is set in a time of fantasy and war and the plot seems to be controlled by the actions of the queen. She is old, but still looks young as she was the victim of a spell which enabled her to take the youth of others and stay beautiful, however, this form of immortality is impractical and the queen is determined to find out one true source of immortality and youth.
Taking a fairy tale and remaking it isnt highly original, however, what is done with the original plot; the changes made and the professionalism attained in the making of the film can determine the popularity and awards received by the film. This seems to have been kept in mind during the making of this movie. The special effects are outstanding along with the very high standard of acting. And even though not all of the characters in the original tale of snow white are present in this film, the new characters cover their absence. A few of the characters which are still in the film are: Snow White, the seven dwarfs, the evil queen, the mirror.
Many re-makes of the film snow white are quite cheerful and humorous. This is not the case in this re-make. The main plot overview can be used as evidence towards this as the majority of the film is very miserable and lack of death and blood does not apply to this film, however, the fact that the majority of the film is quite miserable, makes the ending memorable and a relief to the viewer. The start of the film can be very surprising seen as it is so different to the fairy tale but this allows the rest of the film to remain unpredictable.
Sadly, the length of the film can be a great disadvantage as some scenes, if not fully aware of what has happened previously, can seem quite boring and unnecessary. Many scenes which are kept in the film may seem essential and therefore the viewer could feel quite relieved that they are still included even though much of the film is different. The amount of Pathetic fallacy and dramatic irony included could also create a form of relief to the viewer.
The film includes both American and British actors whose characters all obtain British accents. This makes a big difference and implies how far the director was willing to go to change the original story. In conclusion, The film is overall quite unpredictable and is perfect for audiences which enjoy serious and good quality films which are quite unpredictable but do have certain scenes which the viewer could somehow relate to.

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