Snow White and the Huntsman - MOVIE NIGHT!

4 years ago

Hello girlies! So yesterday was my dad`s birthday, and we went to the movies to celebrate. We decided to go see the new talked about Snow White and the Huntsman. So here goes what I thought of it. Okay, so it was entertaining, funny with various scenes full of action. However, I felt that sometimes that energy was lost with intercalated scenes with very low energy (such as the queen randomly taking a bath with what appeared to be milk -- correct me if I`m wrong). Another thing that wasn`t quite clear (well I would like to add I`m not an expert in the story of Snow White) was the appearance of the white elk. And lastly, I thought the movie would have been nicer if Snow White would have been played by another actress such as Emma Stone for example, and the queen were played by Cate Blanchett. Well those are my thoughts, leave yours below! Thanks for reading! MWAH

Oh, final final thing I would like to add. Chris Hemsworth was looking pretty FIIINE. Ok, that`s it haha

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