Snow White amp the Huntsman Review

Hi everyone! So last night I went to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman and I must say, I was very disappointed:( First, there was way too much emphasis on special effects and not nearly enough on the actual plot of the movie. Sure, it`s enticing to the eye to see these crazy creatures in the dark forest, but so what? Second, I barely understood a word said in this movie. Not because I can`t process older English, or because I didn`t pay a lot of attention, but because the characters were mumbling all of the time! Seriously, I only got the basics of the movie because of this. Then there was the detail that made me crazy throughout the entire movie. The freaking dwarf pack. The first time they all came on screen, I thought I counted eight, but figured I just counted one twice on accident. Then after one died in a later scene, I counted again. Seven dwarves. There only should have been six left after one died. What the heck! However, nothing else I`ve mentioned upsets me more than the absolutely awful, unsatisfying conclusion. The queen falls to Snow White, blah blah blah, but there are two love interests at the end of the story: the huntsman (who never gets a real name, by the way) and the duke`s son William. Oh dear lord, I almost started screaming at the movie. After Snow White bit the poison apple, William kissed her, and later on the huntsman did, too, and right after the second kiss she woke up. (Also forgot to mention there was barely ANY romantic buildup with either man to Snow White, which made the kisses seem out of place and awkward) So theoretically, the huntsman was Snow White`s true love. But right after Snow White was crowned queen, the movie ended. No decision. No choice whatsoever was made. 3 out of 5 stars, and two of them are just for the visual stunners in the film.

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