Snow White amp the Huntsman

4 years ago

I rented 5 movies from RedBox and Snow White and the Huntsman was my favorite!! I am very happy that this movie is still in RedBox because I wanted to rent it a while back but never had the time to.

The movie is about Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and her parents. Her mom, the queen, dies. Her father finds a woman after a battle and is entranced by her beauty. She becomes his wife and later kills him. She takes over his kingdom and jails Snow White. She steals people`s youth by sucking it out of their breath. Her brother comes into Snow White`s cell to give her up to the new queen because the mirror on the wall tells her that Snow White is the most pure and is the only one that can kill her. Snow White escapes and goes into the dark or black forest where the queen`s brother and his men try to find her. The dark/black forest is too difficult to go through without an experienced guide, so that`s when the guy comes in. I forgot his name. the queen tells him that she will bring his wife back to life if he finds Snow White. He finds out that she`s lying and helps Snow White find William`s father to help her defeat the evil queen. William is her childhood lover. William pretends to help the queen to find Snow White. Later they meet in a raid. The guy ends up loving Snow White. I`m not sure if it`s a romantic thing or not, but he and William kiss her on the lips when she died and she came back to life. They go to the queen and defeat her. Snow White is named queen and everyone lives happily ever after. I don`t know who she eventually marries or falls in love with.

But I LOVE this movie so much!! Snow White`s mother and step-mother are so beautiful!! Snow White is also really pretty. I love the enchanted forest and all the cool graphics. It was a really good movie. I love how the guy falls in love with Snow White and she eventually meets William again. So cute!!

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