Snow Fairy Lush Review!

5 years ago

I got this in a festive box from Lush this year! It was called the Snow Fairy Box; and i actually did a post about it click /viz/my-first-lush-haul-pictures-heavy to read more about it!
What Lush Says
Shower Gel for body and hair. Candly Floss Pink and sweet as sugar. With irdescent sparkles and a hint of wicked fruitness.
I think that this is an amazing shower gel! I wish this was for sale all year long, and i will be buying the biggest bottle once Christmas come`s around! I have used it about 20 times? It`s something about the smell that is so refreshing. I would not call it fruity, but i get the wicked part; it`s sweet and reminds me of candy in a way, but no candy i have ever had and not a stereo typical one. It`s even got a floral scent in it, i wish i could send you guys all some! And it also reminds me a bit of medicine, but not gross ones! For the 100g it`s like i have hardly used it! I use this after I walk in the morning before school when i have my shower, and i usually put it in my hair because I love the smell lingering about my face. When in the hair you can smell it afterwards, but when on skin it`s not so effetive, but i do put it on my skin sometimes. Also I use it after I do my round of Insanity and I go for my evening shower! It`s not as harsh on my hair as too much shampoo and condition, but it`s nice! I was a but upset that the sparkles are not showing up just yet, they are actually wedged down the bottom! I tried shaking and everything, but i don`t think i`m going to get any glitter any time soon. This is amazing; and it`s such a verstile smell that people will take in their own way! I really wanted to get this after reading and watching so many reviews and hauls! And I can see what all the rave is about! I hope to not to overuse it so i can at least have it till around June or July; but we`ll see! I might have a new fave body wash by then! But i will re-purchase it, and the lip tint from the same collection!
Do you have this? Did you buy anything from the Christmas collection? Would you buy this? --- Click /viz/lush-snow-fairy-lip-balm-review for my review on the Snowfairy Lip Tint!
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