Snooki+Healthy Habits+PILLS = Weight Loss

5 years ago

I think everybody can agree that Snooki looks great after her weight loss and i even posted about it before ( see the link at the end if you want to see that post). However I thought she did it the healthy way with just healthy eating and exercise and that was the message she would try to spread but i was wrong.

I just read about a new commercial Snooki made for Zantrex and that she is now giving part of the credits for her weight loss to Zantrex and saying that the pills helped her with her weight loss.
Zantrex is a weight loss pill that has a lot of herbs that are known for giving energy and having effects on weight loss, with also a good amount of caffeine in them. The dangerous of the pills is that such a high caffeine % in someones body is not good because you have the caffeine added to the pills with also the herbs that have caffeine, can be dangerous for heart health and not suitable for everybody and even have really bad side affects during and after the pills.

I know celebrities endorse products that sometimes they don`t even use, so at first i thought it as just a commercial ( that still shouldn`t be the message she should be spreading) but then i read that she has said to take such pills, so now i don`t know.
Im not saying are results aren`t great, because they are but using pills is not the healthy and sustainable way to do it, a good diet and exercise are key and i think that was what played a major role in her success.

<strong>- Do you believe she toked Zantrex diet pills to lose the weight or is just for the endorsement/publicity?
- What do you think of celebs that advertise weight loss pills?
- Would you ever use a weight loss pill?</strong>

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