Snooki party girl, converts in to Nicole.. quotMommyquot!

Hiya luuuxers;

As many of you might of read or heard allready.. Nicole, or best known as Snooki from the Jersey Shore is pregnant.. Yes, that crazy party girl you`ve seen on tv drinking and partying every night, beying arrested etc etc.

Many people were shocked about the news, and to be honest, so was i! But some of them keep saying shes
will be a bad mum and she isn`t up to the "mum" standards.. and this is where i no longer agree. She was living her life, shes still young and she was partying it up like most of us like to do.. Okay she did party more extreem than normal people would.. but everyone has their own lifestyle right?

Beying pregnant changes a girl.. it converts her in to a woman, it makes her want to protect the baby under any circumstances.. i mean theres not much way to explain it, but some of eminems lyrics from his song "When i`m gone" describe it perfectly :

"<em>Have you ever loved someone so much you would give an arm for? not the expression, no, literally give an arm for? Because they know that they`re your heart, and you know you are they`re armour, and you would distroy anyone who would try to arm her"</em>

Anyways, in my personal opinion, even Snooki is that crazy party girl, she will totally be a good mum, a fun mum even.. and i wish her the best. Hopefully her and babies daddy will stick together so her baby can have a proper family!

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