Snickerdoodle Cookies

5 years ago

I had tried some snickerdoodle cookies and instantly fell in love with it. I rarely stray from my chocolate chip, sugar and macadamia nut cookies. But this was really good. So I was telling my co-worker how I loved this cookie and the next day she came in with a surprise. She gave me a Betty Crocker Snickerdoodle mix and I was like..aawww you didn`t have to. So I took it home and baked it instantly. It came out really good. Soft, that`s how I love my cookies, it has a hint of cinnamon. I just followed the instructions on the package and made tablespoon size balls on rolled them around in the cinnamon and sugar mix that came with the cookie mix. And I pressed it down a bit and baked it. I was really surprised that the cookies spread a lot, so next time I know not to put them so close to one another. I called out to my family telling them there were cookies and my family had wanted some cause I had brought some home the other day they loved it so much they were like, are you gonna make any? So once I told them about the fresh cookies I made they all came at once. And I don`t have to tell you what happened next, yup, the cookies were all gone within minutes. Now they want even more. What! am I supposed to bake 24/7..hahaha.. Next time when I make these, I`m planning on making them from scratch instead using those prepackaged mixes.

Have you tried snickerdoodle cookies??

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