Sneaky Ways to Burn Some Calories at School

4 years ago

Hey guys ;)
Like most people, I`m always super busy. I don`t have time to exercise... and I feel guilty about it. So, I started thinking... why not multitask? I`ve come up with some ideas on burning some calories during school.

1. If you cross your legs, swing the top leg ( without being distracting).
2. flex/unflex your abs if you`re sitting and a desk can hide you.
3. Sit in the seat furthest from the door... that way you will have to walk more to get into/out of class every day
4. During lunch, chew slower
5. Volunteer to pass out papers or run errands
6. Grip your pencil harder and write darker... it will take more arm muscle.
7. Wear a jacket even if it is warm, so you will sweat junk out
8. Every time you see a water fountain, take a sip
9. Chew gum... Did you know that you can burn 11 calories an hour chewing gum? Plus, chewing gum raises your metabolism level.
10. Whenever possible, take the long way to class
11. Teachers are going to hate me but... talk more. Talking takes energy.
12. Use your locker less and carry more stuff with you.
13. Bring more stuff home with you every night
14. If given the choice to either stand or sit... always stand.
15. Find a way to fidget in an un-annoying way, like for example wiggle your toes in your shoes or flex/unflex your calves.
16. Very un-original but walk or bike to school

Of course for actual weight to be lost, you will have to actually exercise, but little things like the examples above do make a difference. What ideas do y`all have?

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