Sneaky Ways Advertisers Make Food Look Appetizing

5 years ago

Glue: Real milk tends to make breakfast cereal soggy and rather unappetizing in pretty short order. You know what doesnt do that? White glue. Yogurt or shampoo have also been known to do the trick.

A Blow Torch, a Branding Iron & Some Shoe Polish: Most of the time, meat products arent actually cooked because cooking can cause them to shrink and dry out. So items like steak and hamburgers are carefully seared with a blowtorch. Afterwards, grill marks are added with a branding iron and, as a finishing touch, some shoe polish or varnish may be applied to provide a nice, succulent color.

Motor Oil & Some Fabric Protector: A nice big stack of flapjacks can be a thing of beauty. The only problem is those breakfast staples are quite porous so the syrup just seeps right in. Photographers solve that issue by coating them with a healthy layer of aerosol fabric protector. And, because maple syrup doesnt always look great on camera, they might turn to motor oil as a stand-in.

Hairspray & Spray-On Deodorant: That ripe, delicious bunch of grapes you see in that ad have that matte look to them because theyre coated in a healthy amount of one of these grocery store spray can staples.

Antacid & Soap Bubbles: Soda doesnt look so crisp and refreshing without an overabundance of bubbles. A little antacid tablet typically gets the stuff churning and bubbling. Dish soap can be used for creating larger surface bubbles.

Not so appetizing anymore is it?!


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