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4 years ago

A few months ago I found out about this webstie SneakPeeq, that was offering a free 10 dollar credit and a free gift when you sign up and use the site. Free being my favorite word, I signed up without hesitation.

The basic concept of the site is that each company has a section where they have their sales. They don`t tell you the price of the sale item until you "peeq" under the tag. You`re only allowed to "peeq" at 20 items in a day, and if you leave the item page but go back and want to purchase it, you have to "peeq" it before you can buy it. Annoying because I`m extremely indecisive and always go back and forth when making shopping decisions.

The free gift that I got was this bracelet. It`s cute, but clearly cheap. What I figured to be a stone with the flower in it, is actually plastic. I only purchased 1 other item on the site, using my 10 dollars off and getting free shipping I paid 4 dollars. I ordered the gift and other item together. 3 weeks later I got the item that I partially paid for.... 3 weeks. hmmm ok.

Waited a week for my gift to show up, never did. Called the customer service number and they said that it was on back order and they wouldn`t be getting any for another 4 weeks and would take an additional 2 weeks to ship out.... :O


So I wait. 2.5 months... then 3 months. Then I called them and guess what? It`s still backordered and wouldn`t be sent out for at least 3 weeks.

At this point I pretty much went off. What`s the point of offering people a free gift to sign up if you`re never going to send it out?! What a rip off! I murmured something about the BBB and said that I guess I have no choice but to wait for the dang thing to show up, but have no intention of ever doing any shopping on their site again since they can`t figure out how to email people when their stuff is going to be delayed.

3 days later this bracelet showed up at my door.

the "leather" band is stiff and scratchy. I probably won`t ever wear it. The ties that you pull to loosen or tighten it feel like they`re about to snap.

I`ve seen really awesome free gift on there since, so if you sign up maybe you`ll get lucky! I`m not sure what the free gift is right now, but it might be worth checking out? I`ve talked to a lot of people that signed up and their experiences with them have differed completely from mine. I guess I was just unlucky! :(

here`s my refferal link if you want to check it out! appreciate the clicks!

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