Sneakpeeq order: Yes to Cucumbers!

heyy luuuxers! So today i got my second order from Sneakpeeq! I`m fairly new to this website and you have to link your facebook account inorder to shop (which i HATE!) but i just made a dummy account for shopping lol. so i ordered this Yes to Cucumbers set which includes a 30pk facial towelettes (retail: 6.99), a 1.7 fl oz soothing face moisturizer (retail: 14.99), and a 1.01 fl oz. soothing eye gel (retail: 14.99). The entire set was only $12.00! It was such a great price and i;ve always wanted to try this brand but i never wanted to spend like $40 on the entire set! I love the design of these too! the wipes have a flip top which is better since the sticky ones always get wet and stop sticking after a while! Also the lotion and eye gel come in a pump which is more hygenic! I`m so excited to try this out:)
The next thing i wanted to share was my experience with the company. This is the 2nd order i made and the previous order was a freebie set of bracelets which took over a month for it to get to me! I was hoping since i actually paid for this that it would come sooner, but i was SO wrong! This took exactly one month to get to me. I emailed the company and it took them forever to get back to me and they were not helpful at all! They kept saying there were "unusual delays" but i still have not gotten my other order (which is a scarf!) and i ordered that the same day as this set. Also, i ordered this under a dummy facebook account (&used a fake name) but when i checked out i filled out my REAL name/address/ billing info but they completely ignored that and the package came in my facenook name which totally confused my parents! I was so annoyed! Why ask for information if you arent going to use it? I even contacted them about this because i was worried but they said it *should* be sent to my real name. LIES. So after ordering from this company multiple times it`s safe to say that i am DONE with this company! they may have some amazing deals but waiting one month for my items? no way! They also lack customer service. I do not reccommend you ordering from this site unless you don;t mind waiting a month to get your stuff...
hope this was helpful for some of you:) Glad i got this off my chest!

*all photos are mine!*

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