Sneakpeeq is LEGIT + FREEBIE Ring however...

The quality of the free ring I received was horrible. Sneakpeeq a member only deal site that offers up to 85% off on gourmet foods, home products, fashion offers a FREE gift when you sign up so Anthony signed up during the promotion to receive a FREE Pearls of Wisdom Ring (a $60 value) for me and we finally received it today. Upon ordering his free gift, choice of pearl and ring size is chosen by Sneakpeeq. So? What if it doesn`t fit you? That would suck and that`s pretty stupid because the ring isn`t adjustable so what would someone do with a ring that may/may not fit them? Luckily, the one Anthony received fit me perfectly, it was a 7.5 or 8 and is a Pearl which I loved because that`s my birth stone but guess what?
5 minutes later, the ring snapped into 3 pieces. Why? We went grocery shopping and I reached down in the side of the car to get my sunglasses and the ring just broke. That`s how cheap this freebie was and they had the guts to put it as a $60 value. It`s way worse than Forever 21 jewelry. My $1.50 bow ring from Forever 21 still lasts me til` this day and this ring was worn literally for only 5 minutes, makes me wonder how well are the products Sneakpeeq has for sale-- makes me not feel very comfortable purchasing anything from the website. I signed up a few days ago to receive the Eternal Summer Bracelet a $60 value but I probably wouldn`t have if I knew the quality was like this.. but we`ll see. Overall: I don`t believe I would purchase from here. Even though this is free, it`s not a free item that is useable. It makes me wonder how the quality of other products they are selling on here is (or is the price inflated and quality sucks?) In my opinion, I would rather have nothing free in the first place because the free item reflects your shop. If the free item is crap, then no one will order. If the free item is decent, then you will have more customers.
Have you ever ordered anything from Sneakpeeq? Sneakpeeq has promotions where you can receive a free gift (gift varies each week or so), if you want to know more information you can read my blog: Photo via Mine | Don`t take without Permission.

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